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The new models of KneePerformance™ compression socks are here, the brand that takes care of your body and your training.

Improves blood circulation and increases your performance. Thanks to its progressive elasticity favors blood return, which causes a better supply of oxygen to the muscles and thus recover much faster than usual.

Relieves pain caused by repetitive microtrauma thanks to the compression it exerts on the calf muscles. Helps prevent overuse-related injuries and fibrillar tears by keeping the muscles at an optimal temperature and acting as a heater.

With KneePerformance™ you can enjoy your workouts and focus on your goals. Keeping your calf muscles warm and your circulation active.

Get better every day with KneePerformance™, the brand for those who never give up. All of our products are tested by professional athletes, and we have experienced performance sports specialists to assist in the training of those non-conforming athletes.

Compression socks are indicated for those sports in which there is an involvement of the lower body and that involve a large amount of stress on the calf muscles, whether running, hiking or cycling. Also for sports where the strength is manifested in a more explosive way, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer or jumping sports.